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The Lonely Dove by RussellTuller The Lonely Dove by RussellTuller
An excerpt from” The Histories of Aldernia” by Master Scholar Fracticious Ulnunium- Concerning King Gilfrey Valindaine.

Known by the title “The Lonely Dove” by his people. My king, Gilfrey Valindaine has ruled for many years and has seen much turmoil in his long life, now nearing his 90s an unprecedented age. Left without a true heir to his thrown after the loss of his wife at child birth and later the vary son who took her life at a young age in battle. Even with all these hardships he has never sought revenge, but has rather fought for peace above all else to prevent others from suffering as he has. It is rumored that he was cursed at some point in his past with unnatural long life at the cost of never being able to procure an heir. Such rumors could be the reason he has yet to take a new hand in marriage.

The past years he has ruled his kingdom alone, with his trusted court mostly comprised of scholars and strategists. With diplomacy and understanding he’s been able to keep the known world at peace. Using force only when forced with uncanny strategy and use of our races inventions and those of our many allies, such incidents are usually marked with very few to any casualties on either side of any battlefield.

During his reign, many advancements have been achieved in the sciences and other cultural forefronts ushering in a golden age of peace for his people and all who call him friend and ally.


Of all the things I have drawn Character Portraits are still my favorite subject matter, especially when the character has a background story to base off of!
As is the case, with all my personal projects, there is some artistic reason or reasons behind them. In this case the excuse to write out another excerpt from my Fictional Realm is just the half of it. This was also a practice to see just how far I can take the whole beard idea without going too over board. I pushed it pretty far this time and I think it came out looking pretty great! Also, this was another experiment in portraying age in an anthro character and something which I rarely do, portray the emotion of sadness or loneliness in the characters posture and facial expression. I am satisfied enough to say I pulled off all I strived to achieve in the piece.

Hope you all enjoy!

Mechanical and Colored Pencils along with, Black Felt and White Gel Pens on Parchment Paper.
A noble soul for sure
KevinRollins Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is a fantastic picture. You did really well with the emotion in it. Also, I think you did rather well with showing age as well.
Hyratel Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
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January 23, 2014
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